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タイトル: Razor Clam (Solen spp.) Fishery in Sarawak, Malaysia
著者: Siti Akmar Khadijah Ab., Rahim
キーワード: Ehime Prefecture
razor clam
sustainable management
雑誌名: 黒潮圏科学
発行日: 26-Mar-2011
出版者: 高知大学大学院総合人間自然科学研究科黒潮圏総合科学専攻黒潮圏科学編集委員会
抄録: Razor clams (Solen spp.) , locally known as ‘ambal’, are highly priced marine bivalves in Sarawak and are harvested for human consumption mainly from the mudflats of Kuching and Samarahan Division. This paper reports on the state and current razor clam fishery practices in major areas and on the impact on natural resources. The supply of this clam is drawn mainly from wild catch leading to indiscriminate harvesting resulting in the depletion of natural stocks. Some comparison of razor clam fishery as between the western part of Sarawak, and Ehime Prefecture, Japan also will be discussed. The shell length data from clams collected in major razor clamming sites during peak clamming season in several consecutive years when analyzed showed a deterioration of the resources. We would like to highlight the impacts of some current practices which can create problems for razor clam fisheries that depend fully on natural stocks, to make suggestions on how the local community can conduct ustainable management of razor clams in Sarawak. The achievements and challenges faced in razor clam research regarding establishing seed production will also be highlighted.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10126/4829
出現コレクション:01 黒潮圏科学=Kuroshio Science   1(2007)-


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