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タイトル: [研究・調査報告]国際教育実習の試み ―異文化理解マインドの創出へ向けて―
その他のタイトル: [Research Reports]International Teaching Practice: Developing Intercultural Understanding Minds in Prospective Teachers of Japan
著者: 谷口, 雅基
Taniguchi, Masaki
キーワード: 国際教育実習
雑誌名: 高知大学総合教育センター修学・留学生支援部門紀要
発行日: Mar-2010
出版者: 高知大学総合教育センター修学・留学生支援部門紀要編集委員会
抄録: The project is supported by the JSPS Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (Challenging Exploratory Research: [20653074]).Its purpose is to help prospective teachers in Japan conduct international teaching practice abroad to enhance their cross-cultural experiences and understanding, and to develop their skills in international communication, especially through English as an international means of communication. No country in the world today can live alone secluded from the rest of the world. In order to build a peaceful world through our love of all human beings regardless of differences in culture, language, religion, creed and ways of living and thinking, we need to help our children learn to be international-minded and develop a cross-cultural understanding spirit. In order to achieve this purpose, a sister relationship has been established between the Faculty of Education (including its Affiliated Primary and Junior High Schools), Kochi University and Lomonoxop Schools (consisting of its Primary, Junior High and Senior High Schools) in Hanoi, Vietnam. Several teachers have escorted some undergraduate and postgraduate students of different courses to Lomonoxop Schools for international teaching practice in the past several years. We plan to further promote this project to contribute to the enhancement of peace and cross-cultural understanding through education.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10126/4607
出現コレクション:01 高知大学総合教育センター修学・留学生支援部門紀要  1(2005)-5(2011)


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