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タイトル: 岩石類の多次元エネルギー・エネルギー強度と磁気共鳴分析MRAとの関係 ―その1. 堆積岩類―
その他のタイトル: Relations among Multi-Dimension Energy, Material Energy Intensity, and Values by Magnetic Resonance Analyzer on Several Rocks ―Part 1. Sedimentary Rocks―
著者: 満塩, 大洸
島村, 不二夫
Mitusio, Taikou H.
Shimamura, Fujio
雑誌名: くろしお. 特別号 : 高知大学黒潮圏研究所所報
発行日: 15-Sep-1995
出版者: 高知大学黒潮圏研究所
抄録: The invisible energy intenity such as the Multi-Dimension Energy, DE and Material Energy Intensity, EI of several sedimentary rocks of various geologic ages was measured by Extra-Sensory Organ. And also such values as immunity, stress, cancer, and balance of the positive and negative were analyzed by the Magnetic Resonance Analyzer, MRA. Consequently, the energy intenity of DE, EI and MRA values of limestone and chart, bioclastic rocks, are higher than ordinary clastic rocks.
注記: 国際研究会議「自然環境自己調整情報の計測」. 1995年9月15日-16日. 高知大学, 高知県. the first International Conference on Measurements of Autonomic Adjusting Information of Natural Environments ( IC MAAINE '95 ). September 15-16, 1995. Kochi University, Japan.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10126/4551
出現コレクション:02 くろしお:高知大学黒潮圏研究所 所報  1(1986)-11(2001)


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