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タイトル: Injection of asthenosphere beneath NE China: Contribution from geochemistry
著者: Tatsumi, Yoshiyuki
Chen, Hai
Nohda, Susumu
Ishizaka, Kyoichi
Nishimura, Susumu
キーワード: Injection of asthenosphere
Northeast China
雑誌名: Report of the Institute of the Kuroshio Sphere, Kochi University. Special series = くろしお. 特別号 : 高知大学黒潮圏研究所所報
発行日: 20-Dec-1989
出版者: The Institute of The Kuroshio Sphere, Kochi University
抄録: Compositions of primary magmas were estimated for Cenozoic, relatively Mg-rich, rift-related basalts from the NE China region. These data together with available experimental data suggest that tholeiitic magmas are produced at shallower levels than alkaline magmas beneath the region. The former rocks show more enriched geochemical signature, providing convincing evidence that the enriched uppermost mantle is underlain by more depleted asthenospheric mantle reservoir. The asthenosphere steeply comes up to the shallower level beneath a continental rift system in the region. This observation favors an active mode of continental break-up in which asthenospheric upwelling triggers rifting.
注記: Japanese WESTPAC Symposium. June 6-7, 1989. Ocean Research Institute, University of Tokyo. 西太平洋におけるマイクロプレートテクトニクスと古環境地図に関する研究会. 1989年6月6日-7日. 東京大学海洋研究所.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10126/4518
出現コレクション:02 くろしお:高知大学黒潮圏研究所 所報  1(1986)-11(2001)


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