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タイトル: Near trench collision of forearc sliver at the junction between the Kuril and Japan trenches
著者: Kimura, Gaku
Seno, Tetsuzo
Tokuyama, Hidekazu
キーワード: Forearc sliver
Oblique subduction
雑誌名: Report of the Institute of the Kuroshio Sphere, Kochi University. Special series = くろしお. 特別号 : 高知大学黒潮圏研究所所報
発行日: 20-Dec-1989
出版者: The Institute of The Kuroshio Sphere, Kochi University
抄録: At the junction between the Kuril and northeast Japan arcs, uplifting ranges trend in a NW direction, bisecting the obtuse landward angle between the Kuril and Japan Trenches. Using new seismic-reflection data, we can identify two sedimentary sequences on the trench inner slope. These are slope sediments and the accretionary prism. They are highly deformed by many folds and reverse faults whose trend is approximately WNW. The upper buldge on the trench slope is composed of deformed slope sediments although the buldge is morphologically a southern extension of the Hidaka Mountains. We conclude that the deformation observed in central Hokkaido, and on trench inner slope near the junction of the Kuril and Japan trenches, has been caused by the collision of the Kuril forearc sliver against the northeast Japan Arc.
注記: Japanese WESTPAC Symposium. June 6-7, 1989. Ocean Research Institute, University of Tokyo. 西太平洋におけるマイクロプレートテクトニクスと古環境地図に関する研究会. 1989年6月6日-7日. 東京大学海洋研究所.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10126/4514
出現コレクション:02 くろしお:高知大学黒潮圏研究所 所報  1(1986)-11(2001)


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