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タイトル: 小型底曳き漁船による高知県須崎市沖の底生性魚類
その他のタイトル: Coastal Bottom Fishes Collected by Commercial Trawlers from Tosa Bay off Susaki, Southern Japan
著者: 井出, 幸子
町田, 吉彦
遠藤, 広光
Ide, Sachiko
Machida, Yoshihiko
Endo, Hiromitsu
キーワード: fish fauna
coastal bottom fish
commercial trawlers
Tosa Bay
雑誌名: Bulletin of Marine Sciences and Fisheries, Kochi University
発行日: 29-Dec-2003
出版者: 高知大学海洋生物教育研究センター
抄録: A total of 187 bottom fish species belonging to 82 families from 19 orders were recorded from May 2001 to November 2002 at Susaki Fish Market facing Tosa Bay, southern Japan. Among them, two anguilliform fishes Evenchelys macrurus (Bleeker) and Myrophis microchir (Bleeker) are recorded here for the first time from Tosa Bay. Comparison between the present and previous records revealed that 41 species were newly recorded from off Susaki, though 51 previously recorded species from 1949 to 1960 were not confirmed in the present study. Change in the bottom fish faunae between the present and previous status off Susaki, and the differences of the present status off Susaki and other three localities along the coasts of Tosa Bay were discussed on the basis of coefficient of community.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10126/4384
出現コレクション:01 Bulletin of marine sciences and fisheries, Kochi University (高知大学海洋生物研究報告)  12(1992)-25(2007)


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