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タイトル: Phenology and agar yield of Gracilaria blodgetii in the tropical water, Okinawa, Japan
著者: Gerung, S. Grevo.
Kamura, Shintoku
Ohno, Masao
キーワード: phenology
agar yield
Gracilaria blodgetii
tropical waters
雑誌名: Bulletin of Marine Sciences and Fisheries, Kochi University
発行日: 31-Dec-1997
出版者: 高知大学海洋生物教育研究センター
抄録: Seasonal variation of the three reproductive thalli of Gracilaria blodgetii agarophyte were collected monthly from tropical waters of Okinawa, Japan. Majority of thr plants from the natural population were tetrasporic plants (43.82%) which could be explained by the enhanced survival of carpospore germlings; 32.04% of plants were female while the remaining 24.14% consisted of sterile plants. The mean wet weight of the terasporic, female and sterile plants was 4. 11, 3.42 and 3.25g, respectively. The mean thallus length in female plants was 12.87 cm which was higher than both of variation in two reproductive stages, tetrasporic plants (12.24 cm) and female plants (11.81 cm). Mean agar yield in one year periode was higher in female plants (35.00%) than sterile plants (32.33%) and tetrasporic plants (31.67%). High agar yield were found to coincide with high temperapure.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10126/4338
出現コレクション:01 Bulletin of marine sciences and fisheries, Kochi University (高知大学海洋生物研究報告)  12(1992)-25(2007)


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