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タイトル: Seasonal variation of reproductive states of the agar-producing Seaweed, Gracilaria changii (Xia & Abbott) Abbott, Zhang & Xia in Thailand
著者: Chirapart, Anong
Lewmanomont, Khanjanapaj
Ohno, Masao
キーワード: Ecology
Thai seaweeds
雑誌名: Bulletin of Marine Sciences and Fisheries, Kochi University
発行日: 31-Jul-1992
出版者: 高知大学海洋生物教育研究センター
抄録: Samples of the agar-producing seaweed Gracilaria changii (Xia & Abbott) Abbott, Zhang & Xia including environmental parameters were collected monthly from three stations, Laem Tian, Laem Sok and Ao Cho, Changwat Trat from January to December 1987. Plants of G. changii from Laem Sok were found throughout 12 months of the collection, while those from Laem Tian and Ao Cho occurred only from January to July and from March to September respectively. All plants from the three investigating areas composed of male and female gametophytic, tetrasporic and sterile plants at the same period of time. The ratio of male : female gametophytic plants from all of the three stations was approximately 1:1 during the early sampling period, these ratios changed at the end of the growing season. The ratio of gametophytic : tetrasporic plants of materials collected from the three stations showed markedly different pattern during the growing period.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10126/4315
出現コレクション:01 Bulletin of marine sciences and fisheries, Kochi University (高知大学海洋生物研究報告)  12(1992)-25(2007)


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