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タイトル: Preliminary Assessment of the Seagrass Resources in the Northern Philippines
著者: Ame, Evelyn C.
Ayson, Jovita P.
キーワード: Cagayan
Northern Philippines
quadrat method
seagrass resource
雑誌名: 黒潮圏科学 = Kuroshio Science
発行日: 25-Mar-2009
出版者: 高知大学大学院総合人間自然科学研究科黒潮圏総合科学専攻黒潮圏科学編集委員会
抄録: Seagrass resources in the northern Philippines affected by the warm, nutrient rich water of the Kuroshio Current were assessed. Four of the major fish producing municipalities of the province were examined with the aim of identifying species composition and relative abundance. The information will be used as a tool in managing the coastal resources of the region in which productivity is fast declining due to increasing anthropogenic activity which threaten the coastal community. Results show that there are six dominant genera thriving in the northern Philippines, namely Syringodium, Cymodecea, Thallasia, Enhalus, Halodule and Halophila. The abundance of each species differs from one area to another. Seagrass beds of the four municipalities have a total area of 367 ha of which the municipality of Sta Ana has the greatest coverage area (359 ha).
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10126/3177
出現コレクション:01 黒潮圏科学=Kuroshio Science   1(2007)-


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