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タイトル: Ecological Environment in the Area along the Kuroshio in Taiwan
著者: Mok, Hin-Kiu
雑誌名: 黒潮圏科学 = Kuroshio Science
発行日: 21-Mar-2008
出版者: 高知大学大学院黒潮圏海洋科学研究科黒潮圏科学編集委員会
抄録: Characteristics of the ecological environment in the coastal waters of Taiwan and the adjacent islands under the influence of Kuroshio Current were described based on published data of Taiwanese oceanographers. Attentions were mainly put to the east and southwestern coasts of Taiwan which are affected by the Kuroshio proper and its branch current, respectively. Plankton composition and abundance in these regions were compared. Present condition of the coral reefs on the east coast and the stress they confront were reported. Pelagic fisheries (primary those related to tuna, dolphinfish, and flyingfishes) and dolphin populations on the east coast were reported. Current vectors in Kuroshio proper at various depths on the east coast next to Lanyu Island were described. Effects of the side branch of Kuroshio Current on the northeastern part of the South China Sea in terms of cold eddies and internal wave were also described.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10126/3158
出現コレクション:01 黒潮圏科学=Kuroshio Science   1(2007)-


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