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タイトル: Coastal Environment and Seaweed-bed Ecology in Japan
著者: Okuda, Kazuo
雑誌名: 黒潮圏科学 = Kuroshio Science
発行日: 21-Mar-2008
出版者: 高知大学大学院黒潮圏海洋科学研究科黒潮圏科学編集委員会
抄録: Seaweed beds are communities consisting of large benthic plants and distributed widely along Japanese coasts. Species constituting seaweed beds in Japan vary depending on localities because of the influence of cold and warm currents. Seaweed beds are important producers along coastal ecosystems in the world, but they have been reduced remarkably in Japan. Not only artificial constructions in seashores but also the Phenomenon called “isoyake” have led to the deterioration of coastal environments. To figure out what is going on in nature, Japanese Government began the nationwide survey of seaweed beds. Although trials to recover seaweed communities have been also carrying out, they are not always the solution of subjects. We should think of harmonious coexistence between nature and human being so that problems might not happen.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10126/3157
出現コレクション:01 黒潮圏科学=Kuroshio Science   1(2007)-


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